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Leonhard Nissen
Torvet 1
6280 Højer

Tel: 24250989
Email: mail@leonhard-nissen.dk

2 tanker om “Scanoropa-bus”

  1. Hello.
    I am not sure if you are the person who owns the large antique shop. I was there last sunday and bought 2 old framed photographs.
    There was a man cleaning a scanoropa bus.
    Anyway I came back later to ask die the price of s chest of drawers painted in blue with flowers standing on a wall in a very tiny room left when you enter the main building. Would you let me know? And if you are the wrong persoon maybe you cold gives me the adres and name of the person who owns the shop. That would be very kind.

    Mange hilsner
    Michael Sunderman

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